MEN’S RETREAT COMING JANUARY 13, 2018:   Event will be at First Lutheran Church, Saturday morning January 13th.  The theme is “Staying Connected With God”.   Are you connected?  How did you get connected?  What is keeping you from staying connected?  Mark your calendar and watch for details.

Please register by completing and returning this REGISTRATION FORM to Bill Schirmer: or by calling Bill at 717.243.1110 or Roger Williams at 717.245.9043.
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Looking for some meaningful guy talk
Come on out and join the guys for breakfast and some great conversation.

The Men’s Huddle meets at Momma Spriggs, every 3rd Saturday each month, at 7:30 am.

2017 Men's Retreat: "Getting to know you."

2017 Men’s Retreat: “Getting to know you.”


Past Retreats and Service Projects — Men @ First

2016:   STAYING IN TOUCH WITH GOD…. Where Are You In Your Walk of Life?    It’s the Process Not the End That Matters.  Here are Daily Bible Readings from last year.

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