We are a friendly, welcoming congregation, and quality weekly worship is central to our life together as God’s people.

On Sunday mornings, we gather to hear God’s Word and be fed at Christ’s table in the meal of Holy Communion. Everything you need for a worship service (with the exception of the hymns) is printed in our bulletins, so it is easy to participate, even if you are worshipping with us for the first time. Hymns are found in the Evangelical Lutheran Worship and With One Voice hymnals.

Our 8 a.m. communion service is primarily spoken, but does include at least two hymns. Occasionally, one of our choirs will sing at the early service (especially on festival days such as Easter). Here is a recent 8:00 AM Bulletin

DSCN1331 Our 10:30 a.m. communion service is a sung liturgy. One or more of our choirs is usually present to help lead the congregation in song and to offer an anthem related to the theme of the day. Our nursery is available during the 10:30 a.m. service, though we invite and encourage children of all ages to be present in worship – even very young children can start learning songs and prayers and the “rhythm” of worship (and it’s okay if they make a little noise once in a while!). Here is a recent 10:30 AM Bulletin

All the baptized are invited to receive communion. Instructions for communion distribution are always printed in the bulletin. Our pastor offers instruction for young children ready to receive communion for the first time.

During the seasons of Advent (the four weeks before Christmas) and Lent (the forty days before Easter), we also gather for Vespers (evening prayer) at 7 p.m. on Wednesdays, preceded by a light supper at 6:15. Vespers is a beautiful service, lasting approximately 30 minutes, that includes song, scripture, prayer, and silence for reflection, by the light of the Christ candle.


 Questions you might have:

How do people dress for worship? In a variety of ways! Some men wear a suit and tie, others a polo shirt and khakis. Some women wear dresses, others wear t-shirts and slacks. Our worship leaders (i.e., our pastor, assisting ministers, acolytes, minister of music and choir) are typically “vested” (robed) for worship. We are more interested in having you with us than in how you are dressed.

What if I do not feel comfortable taking communion? People who do not wish to commune are encouraged to come forward for a blessing. Alternatively, you may remain in your pew during communion distribution. We do use wine and wafers made out of wheat – if, for any reason you can’t receive one of the elements (for instance, due to a gluten allergy), you can commune by receiving in one kind only (i.e., only wine or only bread).

If I visit, will I have to stand up or identify myself in some way during the announcements? No – we know attending a new church can be a bit intimidating to begin with, so we won’t call attention to you during worship! However, you will find that people will come up and introduce themselves to you and welcome you to First Lutheran. We also hope you will complete a yellow “guest card” available in the pew rack or sign the visitor’s book in the narthex (lobby).

What if I have a question not answered by your website? Please feel free to email Pastor Lisa Leber at pastor@firstlutherancarlisle.org with any questions!

Advent Lessons and Carols – 2017