First Lutheran Evangelical Church has a sistering relationship with Divine Redeemer Lutheran Church in San Miguel, El Salvador, and its two mission congregations, Good Samaritan in El Volcan and New Jerusalem in El Progresso.  Pastor Belinda Fernandez is the Pastor.   Divine Redeemer operates a bakery.  See Bakery pictures

The Story of Belinda Fernandez at:  Embracing El Salvador


The picture on the alter is Belinda’s father, Pastor David Fernandez.

Memorial celebration of Conchita Fernandez  10/8/2015   See Memorial Service

Women at Divine Redeemer Making Christmas Wreaths  12/2015  Making Wreaths

Christmas Message from Divine Redeemer 12/18/2015     Message

Ash Wednesday Service Divine Redeemer Church  2/10/2016      Marked with Ashes

Day of Friendship and Love, Service and Celebration  2/14/2016    Celebration

Cynthia Belinda’s Birthday Celebration at Divine Redeemer     Birthday